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RE/MAX Realty Group, Warkworth

11 Neville Street
AUCKLAND, Auckland, 뉴질랜드

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RE/MAX Realty Group, Warkworth

Nola Kloppers and husband Ben took their newly-opened RE/MAX Realty Group into the network’s top four within a year.
Along with a passion for providing each customer with an exceptional real estate experience through a hands-on, personalised approach, RE/MAX Realty Group are very focused on involvement and support of their local community.

“We are extremely driven to achieve the best for our clients and customers. After leaving Zimbabwe with virtually nothing, as a result of the Zimbabwe government’s take-over of the farms, we truly appreciate the community we serve and understand the value of our client’s assets and will do everything we can to achieve a successful outcome. We love to help people, and our community - That is what truly drives us!”